Kathleen Nathan Studio

Some of my earliest memories are associated with flowers - pots of African violets on my grandmother’s window sill, tight round green buds that would explode into huge puffs of pink petaled peonies, forsythia forced to bloom inside as a March blizzard roared outside, sweet smelling violet in the woods, Queen Anne’s Lace waving by the roadside, mounds of sweet peas tumbling over a forgotten fence…… I am still captivated by flowers. The works in this series are the results of some of my investigations in the botanical realm. No camera or film is used; these photographic prints are made in the darkroom using the flower as my “negative”. Each time I project a random arrangement of plant parts on to the photographic paper, I am amazed by the resulting x-ray like images. Simple, yet complex; these images reveal the mysterious, beautiful and unexpected aspects of the botanical realm.

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