Kathleen Nathan Studio

From My Window /  One Hanson


It seems that at some point, even the most intrepid photographers have taken retreat inside to view, contemplate,  and record the world from their window. Stieglitz, Steichen, Kertesz, Sudek, Eugene Smith and Ruth Orkin (to name a few) have made photographs of the world outside while perched by a window with their camera.

In February 2011 I moved from Southern California to Brooklyn, New York. Disoriented by the extreme change of local, I have retreated to view the world through a window, inside looking out, contemplating the new urban environment.

My window of choice faces the East. The view includes; apartment windows, brick walls, roof  tops, a large slice of sky and a magnificent   thirty four story art deco building, Williamsburgh Savings (now called One Hanson).

 I am mesmerized by this building; a constant in a continuum of change.   It is my timepiece, anchor and true north as I learn to navigate my new life in Brooklyn.


Wiliamsburgh Savings Brooklyn, NY

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